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Yantai YOUAI Foods Co., Ltd. was founded in 2010, located in Yantai - the beautiful coastal city, is a comprehensive enterprise in importing, exporting and processing all kinds of seafood products.

Yantai YOUAI Foods with its core value of searching excellence and keeping firm and indomitable, and its development philosophy of science, health, credibility, innovation, always meets the market's requirements through its international grade quality. Products are exported to Japan, U.S.A., Canada, EU, APEC member countriess and regions.

Materials are wild fishes from Mauritania, hygienic deep sea where the cold ocean currents meet the warm ones. Deep sea, free of pollution, sediments and heavy metal pollution, is a good place for fresh and clean deep sea fishes to breed. 200-2000 meters under the water surface, the temp is 5-15℃ all year long.

Soon after the fish is caught from the deep sea, it is handled on board (cleaning, grading, processing, freezing). This maximumly keeps the fish freshness. When the fish is defrosted, it is as fresh as just caught. The flavour is even better than that of the live seafoods which have been transported from far away.


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The benefits of sea cucumber

Sea cucumber in Yantai seafood gift box: rich in protein, ash, trace elements and sea cucumber toxins, sea cucumber acidic polysaccharides. In recent years, a large amount of researches on sea cucumbers at home and abroad have proved that s


King Crab Profile

Also known as the emperor crab, stone crab or rock crab, the crab family crustaceans, they are mainly distributed in the cold waters. Because of its huge size and named, known as king of crabs in the world. King crabs are deep-sea crabs, su


Argentine red shrimp profile

South of Argentina, pure and pollution-free, low water temperature, red shrimp in this environment, natural growth, nutrient-rich, fresh taste. Immediately after the water quickly frozen to minus 20 degrees Celsius to lock the freshness of


Orange roughy

Deep-sea fish live in the deep-sea area below 100 meters, so fishing methods can only be deep-sea trawling or hook fishing, then fishing on the ship, and quick-frozen. And because its main ingredient is protein and polyunsaturated fatty aci



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